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WOF/Services In the evening and weekend.

WOF/Services In the evening and weekend. Find yourself Running out of time during the week and can’t take your car in for a WOF or Services? life is Busy! that’s why down at bosh Avalon we are able to book your car in after hours and weekend, we also have most part’s on hand to do…

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Bad wheel bearing

Bad wheel bearing One of The most common and most easily identifiable symptom of a bad wheel bearing is an audible one, you may notice a grinding or grating noise coming from your tire or wheel, take note that this is very likely caused by a bad wheel bearing if the noise gets louder as the…

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Full Car Service.

MECHANICAL REPAIRS. Our specialised technicians at Bosch Avalon will identify, diagnose and resolve issues in vehicles of all makes and models, carry out services to manufacturer’s standards, ensuring the highest performance from your vehicle. Call in today  make a booking PH: 07 282 1294 E: 160 Avalon Drive Hamilton

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Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF

The diesel particulate filter or DPF are designed to be maintenance free, however performance can be affected and warning lights illuminated when these block or fail, They are located within the vehicle’s exhaust system As with any filter, the DPF needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly to maintain performance. Call in today  make a…

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Free 12 point safety check.

At Bosch Avalon, a free 12 point safety check is done for every customer. This check – performed by qualified technicians includes the following areas of safety:  – Tyre Tread Depth   – Wheel Bearings – Exhaust System    – Steering – Suspension   – Lights  – Brakes   – Battery Test – Wiper Blades     – Tyre…

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Electronic system diagnosis

In the event of an electronic failure in your vehicle or if a warning lamp comes on, you can rely on our experts to quickly locate the problem. With the aid of the latest diagnostic equipment they can identify the possible sources of trouble and quickly and professionally rectify electrical system problems. Call in today…

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