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One of the many Delphi injectors we repair.

Delphi Volvo injector. One of the many Delphi injectors we repair at JR Raglan Diesel Injection Ltd, as well as similar Bosch injectors such as the Volvo Penta Injector. Call in today  make a booking PH: 07 282 1294 E: 160 Avalon Drive Hamilton

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Affordable maintenance and repairs.

When it comes to high-quality, affordable maintenance and repairs, look no further than Bosch Avalon Car Service. With more than 13,000 Bosch Service partners, we are the largest independent workshop organisation in the world. We work with the know-how from Bosch, the biggest car parts manufacturer in the world, offering a wide range of original…

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Metallic grinding noise from brakes?

Metallic grinding noise from brakes? This may be caused by worn out brake pads. If they are so worn down, exposed metal will be grinding on metal in an effort to stop the car, so the noise will not be pleasant! Brake pads are especially designed to handle high amounts of heat and friction so…

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